Yamaha DXR8 Powered Speaker Review

Yamaha DXR8 Powered Speaker Review

The DXR8 powered speaker by Yamaha is part of their new PA product line. The DXR series itself features bass-reflex, bi-amplified, two-way subs and speakers. The DXR8 is an 8 inch LF speaker that’s packing some serious power. It’s also one of their top-selling speakers and can make a great addition to any DJ setup.

This speaker is small but tough and sure to complement any type of DJ setup, whether it’s an outdoor venue or a nightclub. But this rig is so much more than just a DJ speaker, in fact, it can be used for any type of live performance ranging from spoken word to a full live band.

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Djequipped.com Product Rating (4.5/5)
Our Verdict: The Yamaha DXR8 offers the type of full-range, versatility, and power that the DJ is looking for. Its lightweight design, combined with the compact, durable build, is perfect for the mobile DJ who’s in need of a top of the line powered speaker they can rely on for a nightly performance.

This versatile unit may be small, but it offers an excellent range, crystal clear sound, and the type of distortion-free listening experience that makes it a great addition to any type of setup. Check out today’s price on Amazon!

Read on to find out how this top-selling powered speaker by Yamaha performed when put to the test and check out the type of range it can handle, the sound it offers, and how you can put this speaker to work in your setup.

Overview and Features

Yamaha’s DXR series of speakers and subwoofers are dominating the market. Their reputation quickly spread, cluing in musicians and DJs to the stellar performance this series has to offer, and all for a significantly lower price compared to the competition.

The biggest drawback for most potential buyers is the fact that the casings are made out of injection molded plastic, which is not quite as durable as a traditional wooden speaker cabinet. However, the plastic does keep the speaker’s weight down, making it more transport friendly.

So, if you can overlook the fact that it isn’t made from top of the line materials, but does, in fact, offer a killer sound, in such a small package, then you’ll quickly realize that this speaker is an excellent buy.

While Yamaha’s DXR line continues to take over the market in terms of sales, I decided it was time to review one of the most popular pieces of DJ gear in their lineup, which is the DXR8. This is a small speaker that packs a big punch.

Coming in at only 8 inches, you may not expect much as far as sound quality and range, but the Yamaha DXR8 definitely surprised me and can be used for a variety of applications including DJing, live speaking events, or as part of a band’s sound system.

It can even be incorporated into your home sound system. The speaker is just that versatile. The fact that it’s available at such a low price is also why it’s one of the most popular 8 inch speakers on the market, but once you buy and try, I can almost guarantee that you’ll be ordering a second 8 inch for your DJ setup. It’s just that good.

This unit is a totally capable, powerful loudspeaker that weighs in at under thirty pounds, so transporting it is a cinch.

When it comes to load out and load in, this speaker is pretty impressive. Its compact cabinet makes it much easier to carry and hold, even though the cabinets themselves don’t exactly feel very light. However, the cabinet doesn’t feature any type of wasted interior space, allowing you to easily store it in any type of vehicle’s cargo space.

Aside from DJing, this setup can be used for a wide range of configurations ranging from acoustic music reinforcement for a medium-sized venue to an outdoor DJing event.

yamaha dxr8


The DXR8 offers high output levels and clear audio, all in a durable, compact design that’s perfect for any type of live sound applications. The cabinet is made out of tough ABS plastic, complete with a bass-reflex design that enhances any bass performance with minimized turbulence.

The bi-amplified design provides more than enough power for a stronger performance without all the distortion. The AD processer will allow the DJ to use the speaker as a stage monitor or main speaker. It can be placed on the stage or on the floor, however, it also comes with a wide range of mounting options.

It can easily be mounted on top of a sub, thanks to the built-in thirty-five-millimeter pole socket.

Sound Quality

The DXR8’s high power and small size make it a great, reasonably priced side-fill speaker. It’s perfectly voiced for driving bass, guitars, and loud vocals, not to mention midrange instructions, offering a clear sound that’s not overly harsh.

As a main speaker, you can seamlessly plug it into any setup where a normal central monitor would feature a two-way cabinet with a 12 inch speaker.

While some powered speakers offer the DJ more variable DSP, this model keeps it nice and simple, so you won’t need to worry about variable EQ parameters.


Like the other cabinets in this Yamaha line, this speaker features 700 watts of power, with 1,100 watts of peak power. It also offers a total of three input channels that provide individual gains per channel in addition to a mic and line select for the first channel. It also features a few sound settings:

  • Main-FOH: This setting will apply a small low frequency automatically, in addition to a high-frequency boost.
  • Monitor: This setting reduces the low frequencies.

The speaker’s high pass filter can be switched to off, one hundred and twenty HZ, or one hundred HZ.  This can be done in order to facilitate the use of the full range cabinet using a sub. There’s also an XLR link complete with a stereo and mono select, as well as a button that allows you to disable the LED light that’s located on the front of the unit.

Last of all, there are four LED lights that indicate:

  • Protection
  • Limit
  • Signal
  • Power

Keeping it Cool

The visible cooling fan will prevent the speaker from overheating even during a long, intense set. Most models in this price range don’t come equipped with a fan, so this is a huge selling point for the full-time DJ.

Full Range Use

Realistically, there’s only so much low frequency you can expect to get from an 8 inch speaker. Obviously, adding a sub will be a necessity for most applications. In terms of full range DJ use, this speaker is very efficient when it comes to delivering deeper notes.

High Power in a Compact Package

The Yamaha DXR8 is equipped with a class D, highly efficient amp that’s optimally designed to match the LF  and HF transducers in the DXR series. These are high-performance amps that are designed to deliver the highest sound input in their class, with the ability to provide an impressive SP up to one hundred and 33 decibels.

It also offers a superior transient response, which is what contributes to the DXR series’ well-rounded, powerful audio performance.

Switching Mode Power Supply

The DXR8 features the high-efficiency, all new switching mode power supply designed for top of the line performance. Its power supply is also perfect for use all over the world, thanks to the multi-voltage design.

Three-Channel Onboard Mixer

The flexible onboard mixer, complete with a variety of inputs makes this speaker a great addition to any setup. The speaker’s flexible out and in connectivity makes it a welcome addition to any sound system, as does the ability to seamlessly incorporate it into any type of setup.

Custom Transducers

The transducer in this speaker was meticulously chosen, featuring a custom design that allows the DXR8 to deliver the ultimate performance. The characteristics of the transducer were fully evaluated and analyzed with the use of computer simulations in order to help the speaker achieve its full performance potential.


When put to the test, it’s easy to tell that the manufacturer knows what they’re doing. At any level, the speaker’s internal processing is able to make the most out of the components, providing a clear, crisp, solid delivery, regardless of the type of music you throw at it, or the volume level.

Even when the speaker is at full range, it’s able to provide even more sound. The only time you may notice the limit lights switching on is when you boost the low frequencies a few levels on your mixer.

As I briefly touched on earlier, all of the speakers in this series offer top of the line HPF control and flexibility in order to perfectly match with subs. The DJ can either choose one hundred and twenty HZ or one hundred HZ, depending on the type of sub they’re using with their speaker setup. The subs in this series also feature flexible settings that will allow users to find the perfect LPF and HPF for their sound.

In the end, it’s clear the speakers feature a little more upper mid presence, as well as more of an airy top end. The Electro-Voice ZLX-12BT 12″ 1,000W Bluetooth Powered Loudspeaker, which is available at a comparable price, offers a slightly warmer sound and has a deeper low frequency an upper mid that’s slightly less edgy.

Overall, the Yamaha DXR8 is the clear winner offering a better sound that’s more ear-friendly when at higher levels.

Pros & Cons


  • Custom transducer design
  • Compact and lightweight for easier transport
  • 700 watts of power with 1,100 watts of peak power
  • Three channel onboard mixer
  • Universal power supply
  • Built-in fan prevents overheating


  • ABS plastic casing requires covering during transport to prevent damage

Related Questions

Can This Speaker Be Used for a Club DJing Gig?

Yes, it can. This unit alone is able to handle a crowd of two hundred people, with the use of a sub of course. But even alone, the speaker provides some impressive power despite its small size. If you’d like to learn more about club DJ setups and the type of gear you need, in addition to the techniques you should use during a set, click here to read my article on how to DJ in a club.

Is this Speaker Compatible with Other Brands of Controllers?

Many DJs have claimed that it is possible to use this speaker with different brands of controllers and mixers. However, I recommend doing a little research before you buy in order to ensure the speaker is compatible with your existing setup, in order to avoid the hassle that will come if you have to return or exchange this speaker.

If you’re not sure how you can determine whether or not a speaker or controller is compatible with your gear, read my DJ speakers buyer’s guide.

How Durable is the Speaker’s Housing?

While ABS plastic is considered very durable, obviously it’s nowhere near as durable as a thick wooden speaker cabinet. For some DJs, especially those who are constantly on the go and traveling from one gig to the next, this can be a huge con.

But if you purchase a cover for the speaker and pay extra care when storing or when you transport it, then it should hold up well, without the fear of damage.

Final Thoughts On The Yamaha DXR8 Powered Speaker Cabinet

Product Rating Updated November, 2021:(4.5/5)

Yamaha DXR8 Speaker CabinetThe DXR8 has a small footprint, especially when it comes to the type of high-quality sound that it produces. It offers enough power to handle a crowd of up to two hundred people and the lightweight design makes them easy to carry, transport, and store, a big plus for the DJ that’s always on the go.

The speaker delivers a surprising amount of features, output, and technology for the money, which is why it’s so popular with musicians and DJs alike. Versatile, lightweight, and offering the type of full range the club DJ needs, I gave this speaker a rating of four and a half out of five stars.

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