Ultrasone Pro 550 S-Logic Review

January, 2020

Every once in a while there comes a headphones model that literally changes the whole game. This year that is the Pro 750 by Ultrasone not because it is levels above its competition but because it is priced lower than most studio headphones and still beats them in most aspects. Ultrasone isn’t exactly as famous as some of the other brands such as Sony, JBL, or Audio Technica but that alone is a statement by itself. They have managed to pull off a product so rich in its sound that most audiophiles fell in love with it almost instantaneously. It comes with a wide frequency range, gorgeous lows and crisp mid and highs. The drivers aren’t exactly the biggest but can provide exactly what a sound engineer would be looking for. There are a few downsides but we will touch on that in a moment. For now, let’s check out what makes this model stand out above the rest. 

Our Verdict: For some, the higher price tag that comes with these headphones will not justify buying studio quality headphones that are designed to minimize hearing loss. But those of you who often wear headphones to mix, produce, edit, or simply listen to music can benefit from this type of innovative design that can actually work to protect your hearing while still providing a bright, full sound that any music lover can appreciate. Click here to see how to order…

Keep on reading to learn more about these unique studio quality headphones by Ultrasone.

Product Overview And Features

Firstly, we absolutely have to talk about the dynamic range of these headphones. The Pro 750 presents a very bright balance in its frequency range. The bass ends felt strongly throughout all our testings, the mids felt lively and the highs were particularly rich of details. Basically, they proved to be an ultimate set for a home-studio. Sometimes they can exaggerate what you’re hearing a little bit but that was just enough to bring life even to the weirdest mixes we had on board. 

Overall, there is quite the bassy tone to those headphones but compared to some other models, like the Sony MDR-V700DJ it was rather tamed. If you record drums, you will find that the treble on these headphones can bring out the beauty of most drum cymbals. Some vocals can also make these headphones shine really bright too. 

The patented “Ultra-low emission” technology is interesting on its own. We aren’t sure whether it is or isn’t a gimmick but Ultrasone state that it reduces the magnetic/electric waves reaching your head. We decided to take their word for granted here, since we cannot really test this outside a physics laboratory but hey, anything that claims to reduce magnetic fields is a more than welcome improvement. 

Noise Cancelling

An area where this model shines the brightest compared to its competition is its noise cancelling properties. It isn’t on the in-ear headphones level but you can easily enjoy a listening session while there is a conversation going on around you. 

Of course, if you are planning on recording on your own in your house this feature probably means nothing to you, as it will always be quiet around you, but sometimes ambient noise can slip inside your headphones and ruin the magic, trust us. 

The Stereo imaging here is just good – not amazing, nor poor. It just is good enough to suit most musician’s needs. For a greater stereo experience you might want to opt for a great pair of studio monitors. 

Want to know how to start setting up your own home studio? Check out our detailed article on the topic. 

A Little About “S-Logic”

This is a great idea but only on paper. Judging by what we said about the stereo performance on these headphones, the surround effect Ultrasone tried to create missed by a long shot. It still is good for a headphone pair, don’t get us wrong but that’s as far as a headphone can go, pretty much. If you want proper surround, you get monitors or other audio systems. 

How Comfortable Are They?

Well, that was our main question before we got the box with the headphones inside. Before everything, we want to say that the perfectly balanced sound of these headphones makes listening to them less tiring in psychological terms. In physical terms, they did not disappoint as well. The padding on these over-ear headphones is nicely made. It fits most ears (at least the ones we tested) and you can easily have listening sessions of around 4-5 hours without the headphones feeling too heavy on your head or the padding feeling too hard. 

The space for your ears is a little on the small side so people with big ears can find this pair a bit uncomfortable. Still, this makes for a perfect fit for most people and you can easily forget about headphone misalignment. 

All in all, these headphones are less bulky than most of their competition in this price range. The drivers are mounted slightly off-center. Ultrasone claim that this makes the sound go a bit more to the outer ear which adds to the surround sound but this is only what they claim – we didn’t feel any real difference compared to center-placed driver headphones. 

The cable leading to the headphones can be either straight or coiled and it attaches via a screw fastened 3.5mm jack in the left earpiece. 


Producers and musicians who are used to traditional studio headphones will notice right away that these headphones feature a slightly different earcup design. The earcup cushions are much deeper compared to standard studio headphones. This different take on earcup design causes the drivers to be position further from the head, however they still form a solid seal around the ears. The earcups also feature baffles that are designed to decentralize sound. This design causes the driver’s signals to reflect into the ear via the outer ear as opposed to firing directly into the ears like the do with traditional studio quality headphones. The design is meant to mimic natural surround sound that helps to reduce the risk of hearing damage, while still providing a crystal clear, rich listening experience.

Aside from this different take on design the headphones offer a broader lift in the upper mids and a bright frequency balance. You’ll also notice a slight recess in the lower mids and a stronger than average bass end. Thanks to the S-Logic technology, you won’t easily get tired of these bright headphones, however, the manufacturer’s claim that the headphones offer a type of natural surround sound is obviously exaggerated. Yet, the S-Logic technology does have a major impact on the listening experience and overall sound quality.

Considering the higher price you’ll have to pay for the addition of S-Logic technology these may not be the right headphones for the musician, sound engineer, or producer on a budget. However, if you spend most of your time making music or listening to music on headphones these headphones may be worth a second look.  Considering they’re designed to minimize hearing loss unlike traditional studio headphones, and they do offer a high-quality bright sound that’s full and rich, the headphones may be a great buy for the frequent headphones user.

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Now, let’s take a look at the Pro 750s main pros and cons:


  • Fit most people and are comfortable over long periods of time
  • Toned to perfection and are crisp in all frequency ranges
  • Superbly powerful bass sound 
  • Titanium drivers
  • Materials feel nice and posh all-around
  • Offer a lot of adjustability
  • Come with a hard case, cables and extra ear paddles
  • Great noise reduction properties (for an over-ear headphone)


  • The certain surround effect takes some time to get used to
  • The design feels rather old-fashioned
Final Words On The Ultrasone Pro 750

Djequipped.com Product Rating Updated January, 2020: (4.5/5)

Ultrasone PRO 550 S-Logic Headphones

These aren’t the basic studio headphones most musicians and producers are used to, but they do have a lot to offer in terms of sound quality. Their unique design can help to prevent hearing loss, but their sound may be too bright for some.

All in all, these headphones offer you the perfect balance between sound and build quality. What they do not bring you is a great deal since they can feel a little too expensive, especially when other models with similar sound quality cost as much as 50-100 bucks less. If you are out on a mission to find the perfect over-ear studio headphone for you, you should definitely give the Pro 750s a chance. Should you actually buy them, though? Well, we think that this is entirely up to what your ears would prefer at the end of the day. If you want nicely built headphones which have amazing sound all-around the frequency range and aren’t tiring to be used for longer sessions, then yes – opt for these. We gave them a four and a half out of five stars rating. 

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