Sony MDR-V700DJ Review

Sony MDR-V700DJ Review

What Sony has to offer is always interesting due to countless reasons that we will take a deeper look into in a moment.

The MDR series of headphones has won the hearts of most audiophiles out there and rightfully so. They are well-made, sound just perfect, and are priced appropriately (even though slightly high by some people’s standards).

Sure, the design language feels a bit outdated but that shouldn’t fool you, as they pack some serious firepower. Moreover, for a home-studio, the looks are probably the last thing on the list. And after all, this is what these headphones are made for – home use.

Everything about them makes them a go-to choice for studio musicians and people who just want a quality pair of headphones on their desk at home.  

Sony MDR-V700DJ HeadphonesIn a rush? Check them out now on Amazon! Product Rating (4.5/5)

Our Verdict: The V700DJ offers the type of swivel earcup design that’s perfect for DJ’ing, mixing, recording, and more. These headphones offer the type of sound quality that instantly makes them a go-to model for the pros.

The only real drawback here is the large bulky design that feels awkward at times and looks a little dated. Aside from the aesthetics, the listener will appreciate how the top of the line headphones produces a sound that’s deep, rich, and not overly bright. Check to see today’s price on Amazon.

Keep on reading to learn why these Sony MDR-V700DJ earned such a high user rating.

Product Overview And Features

Sony is considered one of the leading electronics manufacturers in the world, producing a wide range of products including TVs, stereos, sound equipment, and of course DJ headphones.

Because Sony is a company that’s known for its top of the line electronics it comes as no surprise that their DJ’ing headphones line received plenty of positive user feedback. These are designed with functionality and comfort in mind.

Right off the bat, it is important to understand that the MDR-V700DJ are slightly more expensive than the others we reviewed. This price difference is perhaps the biggest downside for most people, not because they are expensive without a reason but because most people do not feel like paying more for a model which isn’t necessarily better than its cheaper competition.

Another thing that has to be said is that those are a pair of DJ headphones. They have certain characteristics that are meant to work best for DJs, such as the swivel mechanism, the shallow and rigid ear cups, etc. Still, we feel like we need to show you everything else that makes this model more than deserving of your attention. 

Anyway, let’s get to what makes the V700DJs special.

The Looks

You can tell that the model is now a few years old by two things – the manufacturing date and the way they look. The design is kind of old-styled and bland but classical at the same time. These MDRs have laid out the road for all the following models.

In fact, some people prefer their headphones looking as little futuristic as possible, thus are highly attracted to these kind of designs. We, for example, are some of those people. 

The Overall Build Quality

Materials are solid here as we would expect from a pair of headphones in this bracket. The thing is that the two earpiece hinges are plastic and even though the plastic is a high-grade one, it still might break. Such user reports have been seen around the internet.

Still, the structure is sturdy and feels solid to the touch without any annoying squeaking like other plastic headphones have. They can take a beating and we tried proving that by dropping them a few times from the desk. Nothing happened at all.

There is a reversible swivel mechanism for the earcups which allows for easier DJing so that you can use and remix on a single monitor. That mechanism has an auto-return function as well but it didn’t work as well as advertised. 

The gold connectors and closed-back design add further points to the build of this model. That will keep your program’s sound inside the earpiece and the ambient surround out of it. They do a pretty decent job at noise canceling, although it can’t compare to a regular set of earbuds. 

The earpieces themselves are a bit shallow and might not be the perfect fit for everybody’s ears. The whole thing is quite compact, though. You get a pouch with it and you can fold the headphones neatly into it. 

The cable is a detachable 10-foot cord made entirely of copper (oxygen-free) which is ideal for proper conductivity. It is a single-sided cable meaning it goes into the right monitor only. 

Are The Sony MDR-V700DJ Comfortable? 

Yes, they are. Most people get into too many details when it comes to comfort forgetting that it is subjective and everybody can feel them differently. Our biggest and maybe only concern with the V700DJs is that, as we mentioned, the earpieces are a bit shallow and your ears can actually touch the driver’s surface if big enough. 

The highly adjustable headband range makes the MDR-V700DJ comfortable to wear for all users. Most competing DJ quality headphones don’t offer this type of adjustability, which is why DJ headphones often have a reputation for being uncomfortable.

It’s obvious Sony has paid attention to what music lovers and DJ’s are looking for in pro-quality headphones.

The Sound Quality

There’s a reason that the MDR-V700DJ sell like hotcakes and are as popular as they are. The 50mm drivers manage to put out some crystal clear but at the same time very “dirty” (in a good way) bass which is ideal for DJs and fans of the lower frequencies.

The Supra-aural design adds to the overall great control of the sound and blockage of external noises. All in all, the dynamic range presented here starts from 5Hz and goes up to over 40 thousand Hz.

This allows these headphones to point out some “hidden” mistakes in most mixes and that is the reason why they are that preferred for home studios (and even bigger studios for that matter).

Now it’s time to check out some of the main pros and cons of the Sony MDR-V700DJ:

Pros & Cons


  • Professional-grade sound quality
  • Reliable brand
  • Sturdy construction
  • Swivel mechanism for easier mono-monitoring for DJs
  • Great at isolating external noises
  • Bass is clear and is transferred to your head instead of directing into your ears


  • Some users report issues with the earpieces hinges
  • Can feel uncomfortable for some people
  • Design feels dated

So, Are They Worth It?

They can feel a little expensive to the people that already have a cheaper alternative. Giving the excellent sound they provide, the sturdy feeling, and the practicality they bring to a professional DJ, they are well worth it and are adequately priced in our opinion. 

The MDR-V700DJ are clearly marketed as DJ’ing headphones, but the audio engineer, producer, and music lover will also appreciate the type of sound quality they offer. The headphones offer an excellent dynamic range with a sound that’s not overly bright.

They’re also well designed and offer a better than average headband adjustment range that will allow you to achieve the perfect fit. This will be a big plus for all users considering most models in this price range and above don’t offer this level of adjustability.

In terms of performance, you’ll notice that the earcups aren’t entirely sound isolating, but can block out around ninety percent of background noise.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to use an adapter if you want to plug them into your PC or iPod.

We had mixed feelings about the cord. While they’re well-positioned and stay out of the way, for the most part, we felt that a removable cord would’ve been a huge improvement.

Final Words On The Sony MDR-V700DJ Product Rating Updated November, 2021: (4.5/5)

Sony MDR-V700DJ Headphones

It’s obvious that Sony continues to hold a higher standard in terms of design quality, producing a pair of DJ headphones that not only offer impressive sound, but they’re also incredibly comfortable to boot.

While the headphones themselves do have a bulky design that can be awkward at times during a live performance, for the most part, most buyers can agree that they offer an impressive dynamic range that you won’t find with competing models.

All in all, the MDR-V700DJ is a great piece of kit which we felt like we have to include here because most home studio enthusiasts prefer great sound quality over almost anything else.

We gave the Sony MDR-V700DJ a four and a half out of five stars rating. 

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