Sennheiser HD 380 PRO ReviewJanuary, 2020

Coming first at our list, the HD 380 Pro by Sennheiser is truly considered a classic pair of headphones but its age is beginning to show a bit. Still, the build and sound quality on this model are impeccable along with the overall longevity of the headphone. In fact, even before getting a brand new pair to test it out, we had it for well over a year and nothing really makes us even want to consider something else. At that price point, there is little to no competition, although the 80 Ohm version of the BeyerDynamic DT770 can give it a run for its money.

Our Verdict: Comfortable, highly adjustable, and offering top of the line sound quality, these headphones come highly recommended for recording use. We were hard-pressed to find any serious issues with these headphones, they’re that good. So, ig you’re looking for a high-quality pair of headphones that you can really rely on in the studio, your search is over. Click here to get one today…

If you think you are paying for a brand name only you are mistaken. Let’s take a deeper look into the HD 380 Pro features and see why it truly stands out in the world of audiophiles. 

Product Overview And Features

Sennheiser is the brand all sound engineers, recording artists, and producers are familiar with. Over the years, their headphones have earned the reputation as the the only brand to use for crystal clear sound quality and a deep rich bass. Their headphones offer better than average sound isolation, which makes them the perfect headphones to take with you into the vocal booth. But their 380 headphones have easily outperformed models produced by Sennheiser in the past. In fact, these headphones have an almost legendary reputation in the music recording industry. Considering they’re offered at a reasonable price and have a reputation for lasting year after year, these headphones are definitely the perfect addition to any pro or home recording studio.

Right off the bat you realize that these headphones are made to be worn. They sit comfortably on your ears without tiring you over time too much. The frame is lightweight and the “secure-fit” design makes them ideal for most head types. 

They are closed back headphones meaning that you will be properly isolated from any external or ambient noises throughout your recording session. Sennheiser state that it blocks noises of up to 32dB but we tested it and it pretty much blocks everything up until the 50 dB range. Combine that with an extended frequency response and sound pressure up to 110dB and you get the ultimate studio headphone pair. 

Sound And Frequency Range

The very first impression that you get when putting on these Sennheisers and playing your favorite track is that you are in possession of something far more expensive. The way that these headphones wrap all around the low, mids, and highs is just amazing. Sure, they lack some sharpness around the 4-5GHz range which can affect the way you hear some cymbals on the drums but other than that, the lows are quite deep (going all the way down to 50Hz), the highs are crisp enough for most recording and mastering sessions, and the mids are kind of flat compared to some U- or V-shaped headphone sounds.  

If you need mastering monitors these do the job pretty well considering the low price. They are very flat in their response but in the same time rich allowing you to spot any sort of little mistakes in a master or a live performance. 

Some users report channel imbalance issues but they weren’t present on our pair even upon deeper inspection. Now, let’s check the lows, mids, and highs of this pair. 

  • Bass (Low ends)

The bass is deep but not too rumbling so you won’t feel your head shaking on some more bass-oriented mixes. The response time on the basses makes the whole frequency structure sound very solid even though there is a “boomy” area in the 100Hz range. The midbass isn’t separated from the bass by a gap thus making the HD 380 Pro ideal for drummers. All in all, they are neither light nor heavy on the bass. As everything else Sennheiser loves to stay neutral and this is what makes its products so vastly popular and easy to get used to. 

  • Mids

The mids are light and open, feeling very forward compared to some other headphones. The midrange here will most likely expose any sort of sound impurities in your mix further solidifying these headphone’s reputation for great studio monitors. Pianos and vocals are heard louder than usual and you will get far more texture out of them. 

  • Treble

The top end of the treble spectre seems to be rather smooth but at the same time you can feel that these headphones do not extend all the way as they roll off early. The treble is clean and crisp but isn’t as responsive as the bass. Overall, it responds well to equalization. 

Overall Build Quality

As we mentioned, there is nothing to fault in the construction of these headphones. The lifetime of this model depends on how often you use it but in general they should last you a good 5 years before giving away any signs of giving up on you. Even then, they are by far the easiest headphone pair to make repairs on. They are solid on the head and will do the job for live performances as well. 

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Additional Features

There is a nice little carrying case included with the headphones which makes it even more special to own these. 

Not that you will need to change or repair something but everything here is very easily repairable and changeable. The engineers behind this product thought about basically everything and made the user experience as flawless as possible. Still, we would have loved a stereo cable going into both headphones, but oh well. You can’t always get what you want. 

Last but not least, these headphones come with a 2 years warranty which by itself is a very rare feature on today’s market. That means that the company trusts its product and can vouch for it for lasting far longer than most conventional headphones. 

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In The Studio

Sennheiser is known for their studio quality recording headphones. The 380’s have to been their top-selling headphones for some time now and have earned a reputation in the industry and the pair you have to have in the studio, although most people can agree that they don’t perform quite as well for casual use.

Comfortable, offering crystal clear in-ear monitoring, these headphones easily blow the competition out of the water and come equipped with well-padded earpieces, a highly adjustable headband, and top of the line sound isolation.

They’re not overly loud, allowing you to catch every little detail. The headphones also offer excellent bass quality and crystal clear treble, with mids that aren’t overly peaked. You’ll enjoy the type of richness and clarity most competing headphones can’t come close to delivering.

The headband and earpads are comfortable and have a reputation for holding up well over time, even with heavy use. Most users can agree that the coiled cable tends to get in the way and is much heavier than expected. However, the heft of the cord tells us right away it’s top of the line and designed to last. Overall, the headphone’s construction is solid. They have a nice heft to them and don’t have the cheap plastic feel that you often get with newer models of studio headphones.

Now, let’s take a brief look at some of the HD380’s main pros and cons:


  • Best in this price point
  • Sealed-back headphones which provide isolation from external noises
  • Amazingly wide frequency range
  • Sound can get very powerful 
  • Don’t tire your head after long recording sessions
  • The Basses are nicely balanced
  • Treble is precise
  • Includes a cool looking carry case 
  • 2 years of warranty 


  • Design can look dated to some
  • Isn’t ideal for drummers as it tends to lack in some of the highs (when listening to cymbals for example) 
Final Words On The Sennheiser HD 380 PRO Product Rating Updated January, 2020: (5/5)

Sennheiser HD 380 PRO Headphones

These Sennheiser headphones will probably remain the go-to headphones in the recording industry for several years to come. There really are no other headphones out there that can compare. Perfect for a wide range of applications in and outside the studio, you’ll quickly find yourself solely relying on the 380s each and every time you record.

As a conclusion, we think that these headphones are ideal for almost anyone out there who is looking for a decent sound, sturdy construction and an overall long-lasting studio companion. The HD 380 Pros are unique in their own way even if they are already slightly outdated and no top five chart is true to its readers without having this model on it. We gave them five out of five stars rating. 

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