The OneOdio studio headphones give plenty of high-spec features for a bargain-basement price.

The bass is accurate, and the detail in the low-mid range is mind-blowing for a set of headphones in the lower price bracket.

Headphones matter, and the right headphones for the job vary by individual. I like my headphones to deliver superb accurate sound directly to my ears, no extraneous noise, and be comfortable to wear, and the most affordable for the quality.

No one wants to be distracted when monitoring and mixing, and these closed-back over-ear headphones avoid both spill and leakage of backing sound. Plus, the lengthy cable means you can move around freely without scrabbling around for an adapter.

The flexible OneOdio headphone also daisy chains together so you can collaborate or listen to the same device with a friend.

These affordably priced OneOdio headphones are a great choice for listening to and working with high-quality sound in your home studio. If you think cheap price means low quality, then think again. These work not just well, but insanely well.

Decoding the Specs

The detail is essential not only for the sound quality, but the attention paid to the components of the kit. You don’t get high-quality sound from sub-standard parts. Looking at the technical details of the OneOdio headphones, I am struck by the meticulous attention to detail.

A bigger diaphragm gives better sound quality, but the specs don’t give you this detail, they tell you the size of the driver – bigger driver equals bigger diaphragm. The OneOdio headphone has a 50mm neodymium driver, which is near the top of the standard studio headphone range of 30-53mm diameter.

The coils and driver come from Japan, and the neodymium magnet is stable, robust, and durable. To cut to the essentials – the combination of driver and coils gives excellent audio quality and controlled bass.

The frequency response covers the human range of 20 to 20,000Hz, which suits me because I don’t have bat ears. Some audiophiles try to convince you that the inaudible frequencies add to the listening experience, rounding out the sound, and that may be true.

Still, I’m not going to worry too much about something I’m never going to hear. The OneOdio headphones cover every standard human’s listening needs.

Details Matter

You have the headphones and the equipment, but you can’t plug in the headphones unless you remembered the adapter. Does that sound familiar? The DJ style cable comes with the 3.5mm and 6.3mm gold-plated plug that you can detach and reattach as needed. You get almost ten feet of cable for free movement.

The speaker cups pivot for flexible positioning – standard over the head, completely flattened out, and tucked in for transport or storage. Why would you want to be able to flatten out your headphones? Well, if you are into sound healing or want to introduce your unborn child to classical music, the OneOdio headphones accommodate this.

Sharepoint technology connects headphones without the need for a splitter switch. This feature means you can daisy chain headphones together without suffering a loss of volume. The drop in volume between headphones when you link them with a splitter switch is slight, but when sound is your business, it matters.

Comfortable and Flexible

If you are going to spend many hours in your headphones, you need maximum comfort and minimum irritation. The OneOdio headphone has an adjustable band to stretch across your head, and the ear cushions are softly padded. For single-side monitoring, the earcups will swivel through 90˚ to the left and right.

The headphones are adjustable, flexible, and comfortable to wear and pretty light at 10.6 ounces (approximates to two baseballs in weight). It means you can wear them for hours and not notice them.

The cushion padding is ample and soft, blocking out noise and freeing you from distractions. The material is a high-quality leather-like fabric made from protein leather. This material is different from ‘pleather’ made from PVC or polyurethane. Memory foam ensures the ear cushions adapt comfortably to your ears.

This German design disperses pressure (avoids pinching) and heat (minimizes sweating). It may seem like a trivial detail, but no-one likes wearing hot, sweaty headphones, it causes skin irritation and discomfort. The attention to design features means the OneOdio headphones are hygienic as well as comfortable.

Pros & Cons


  • Cheap headphones that don’t lack on quality
  • Plenty of adjustment for all head sizes
  • High-quality neodymium magnet
  • Daisy chain without a splitter switch
  • Flexible configuration – curl up for transport or lay flat
  • Decent frequency response


  • A blue-tooth option would be a bonus
  • Exceptionally high opera notes are not well defined
Final Words On The OneOdio Studio Headphones Product Rating Updated July, 2020: (5/5)


The OneOdio studio headphones give a deep defined bass, clarity in vocals, and top it off with crisp high notes. At this price, you can’t expect noise cancelling, but you don’t need it as the cushions work to keep external noise out.

These headphones are comfortable, and you can comfortably wear them for long studio sessions or blitzing out on Beethoven’s entire works. The specification for the price charged is excellent. The components are of high quality, and the design is practical and flexible. The earcups give you plenty of choice for how you wear them as a standard headset, or for single-ear monitoring.

I rate these headphones highly for studio use because they keep external noise out and deliver accurate bass, clear vocals, and excellent low-mid detailing. The right headphones are a matter of individual preference, but you can spend a fortune on more expensive models and gain little extra benefit.

The attention to detail and the quality of the components is remarkable in an affordable set of headphones that make the OneOdio an excellent choice for all your DJing needs.