Numark NS7III Review

January, 2020

First of our top 5 ranking is a controller with a mixer which blows everything out of the water. Not because it is that much better than its competition but because it is priced so well and so below other rivalry models. The Numark NS7III packs unique features such as three integrated high-res screens, multiple controls, built-in Serato DJ pro software keys and knobs, parallel waveform screens in the middle for a visually spectacular experience, and if you thought you were getting a bargain for its price wait to heat this out – the Serato software, which usually costs around a hundred dollars comes free with your purchase!

Our Verdict: To date, this is the only motorized DJ controller on the market that provides the type of authentic spinning and mixing experience DJs of all styles and skill levels are searching for. Truly, the features and capabilities the controller offers allows it to easily outperform higher priced models. Due to its size, this controller isn’t the most portable model on the market, however, it comes loaded with some great features including three display screens that allow you to closely model your performance. It’s also reasonably priced, beginner friendly, and offers the type of versatility and functionality that the experienced and aspiring DJ will love and appreciate.Check today’s price by clicking here…

Continue reading to find out how this controller can totally change the way you scratch forever.

Product Overview And Features

Numark has earned a reputation in the DJ community as one of the leading controller manufacturers in the industry, mainly because their designs provide the type of functionality that DJs need for both recorded and live performances. Their newest controller is another  model that’s blowing up and it’s considered one of the best controllers for scratching currently on the market.

If you are interested in what are the other top 5 models we reviewed and also want to learn more about mixers and controllers in general, head over to our ultimate Buyer’s Guide. There you will find tons of useful information and numerous pro tips. Now, let’s take a deeper look at what makes this DJ controller so great and see why it is the preferred choice of many professionals. 

If there is one controller with an integrated mixer that can make you fall in love from the moment you see it – it’s this one. The gorgeous design indicates that there will be plenty of features to play with even before you touch it.

The first thing your eyes will set on will be the three displays on top of the controller. They provide all the live information you need. Those are the main upgrade from the previous (NS7II) model from Numark. The screens are bright and colorful and allow you to concentrate on your mixing while not having to take your eyes off your rig (like you’d do with a laptop).

They are actually a separate unit which is attached to your controller. The unit itself is plastic and gets its power from the NS7III. It comes with a USB connector and a separate USB jack which might come in handy if someone in the club approaches you with a USB stick of his own, although we do not recommend putting anything unknown into your rig.

There are three screens – left deck screen, right deck screen, and the split library and waveform screen. They are almost alike the Remote mini app from Serato. The side screens show you the controls for your effects, basic track info, and full waveforms. You can toggle between those modes with the buttons below the screens. The middle one, as we stated, shows you the waveforms when the side ones aren’t or you can make it so that it shows you your library.

There are some things the screens won’t show you, though. Those are the pad functions, for instance. For them, you will have to use a laptop. Still, the screen unit will keep your eyes exactly where they have to be most of the time.

In the future, Serato promises that those screens will be completely customizable. You just have to wait for the right OS update.

Pro Tip: if you already have the NS7II you can retrofit those displays on top of yours. That will almost make it identical to the newer model apart from the OS updates which the old one isn’t always getting on time.

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Better Controls for More Control

The manufacturer took all the best features from the controllers they produced in the past and improved the controller’s functionality and ease of use. This newer design also allows for precise control over mixes and edits and  total control over touch FX, filter rolls, sampling, looping, and hot cuing. Other hot controls include strip search track position, dedicated hot cue triggers, and eight multicolor MPC pads. With the capacitive knobs users can activate effects or they can cause the filters to trigger when the controls are touched, allowing for more complex, smoother transitions.

The Mixer

Since all that matters here is the mixer quality, let’s talk a bit about it. It is a true 4-channel standalone mixer. It has 4 RCA inputs which are Serato DVS compatible. There are also two microphone inputs which don’t require a PC connection. Everything else about this mixer is also top-notch. The buttons and knobs feel premium and sturdy and the quality of the sound won’t be lower than excellent at any point.

The mixer quite easily competes in terms of quality with some of the other models we reviewed which are more than half a thousand dollars more expensive which is, again, one of the reasons this controller is so desirable and worth your investment.

The Overall Experience

This model combines all the best parts of the NS7 model such as the moving platter and digital vinyl options while giving you tons of other features which will give any DJ the ultimate control over their rig. The jog wheels have a very high amount of torque and are actively spinning. This is every vinyl DJ’s dream come true, to be entirely honest.

The pads are Akai Pro Performance pads and give you total control over your loops, samples, and hot cues, while also controlling the slicer. The “Touch Control” feature allows you to control the equalizer and effects on the go.

Just like the Pioneer DDJ-SZ2 Mixer the NS7III has the built-in potential for controlling Serato DJ pro software. It even comes free with your purchase which makes your investment all the better.

The manufacturer has clearly designed a controller that has the user’s experience in mind. With three display screens, this controller gives the user more control and focus over a mix, allowing them to view all the info they need when using the Serato software. While you’ll still need to use a laptop to search for a track, during a live performance your focus will solely be on this controller. This model comes equipped with the digital vinyl greatness and the moving platter found on the previous model produced by Numark, but their latest model comes loaded with enough features to encourage owners of the original NS7 to hit that buy now button for a much-needed upgrade.

The price may seem a little steep for the aspiring DJ, but serious DJs will definitely get their money’s worth in a model that’s versatile and gives users total control.

Now it’s time to check some of the pros and cons which make this product worth every penny:


  • Great looking
  • Best price in its class
  • Three displays on top which provides almost all the information you need
  • Extremely durable and sturdy construction
  • High torque active jog wheels with slipmats
  • AKAI PRO pads which give you the ultimate customization abilities
  • Best-in-class standalone mixer


  • Rather heavy and bulky
  • The low and high pass filters won’t work with external input devices
Final Words On The Numark NS7III DJ Mixer Product Rating Updated January, 2020: (5/5)

Numark NS7III 4-Channel Controller

Just like its predecessor, the NS7III offers the type of scratching and mixing experience that all DJs love. The real difference between this model and past models produced by Numark are the three large display screens. These screens simply add to the controller’s functionality, allowing you to still enjoy the scratching experience, but with more focus for an improved performance. If you’re searching for a controller that comes equipped with display screens that allow you to closely monitor your performance, then this controller is the answer.

Even if there are some downsides, the Numark NS7III is still one of the, if not the best DJ controller with mixer out there. The low price makes up for all the possible negative things you find in it. Even so, it has super high output quality, the construction is durable and sturdy, the buttons and pads are easy to work with, and the jog wheels are one of the best we’ve tried out. Nothing in this piece of equipment can make us not get it if we needed one. We gave the NS7III a solid five out of five stars rating.

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