Mackie C300z PA Speaker Review

Mackie C300z PA Speaker Review

The C300z DJ speakers by Mackie come loaded with some great features that will carry sound the way it should, all the way across the dance floor.

These powerful speakers can handle a variety of venue sizes while ensuring your set sounds the way it should, offering deep rich bass, crystal clear sound, and a versatile setup and control options that make the speakers beginner-friendly.

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Our Verdict: The Mackie C300z will offer excellent value for the price. If you’re in desperate need of a serious sound upgrade for your next DJing gig, then look no further than this set by Mackie.

The impact resistance enclosures will ensure these speakers can handle life on the road, while the lightweight design and built-in ergonomic handles make it easy to take them from one gig to the next. In terms of sound quality, you won’t find speakers that can outperform the C300z, especially at this price.

I’d recommend the Mackie C300z to any DJ, regardless of skill level, who is looking for an affordable, reliable, and powerful set of speakers that can take their sound to the next level. Check out today’s price on Amazon!

As you can see, these speakers are the total package. Not only do you get two top of the line speakers at a very low price, but their lightweight design and built-in handles make them perfect for the mobile DJ who is constantly traveling from one gig to the next. Read on to learn more about the C300z’s sound quality, pros and cons, and performance rating.

Overview and Package Details

Inside this package, you’ll get the following:

  • 2 x 12 inch passive two-way speakers
  • 2 channel power amp
  • Two speaker cables made with one hundred percent copper
  • Pair of Rockville Tripod stands
  • Carrying case

This package features a portable precision passive loudspeaker, complete with 1.75 inch HF compression driver and a twelve-inch transducer. The compression driver is mounted onto a multi-celled aperture.

The C300z’s enclosure is impact-resistant and comes complete with pole mount and sturdy handles, in addition to integrated rigging points. The speakers themselves are designed for high-quality performance.


The C300z comes equipped with an LCD screen that displays the operating temperature and decibels per channel.

EAW Tuned

These speakers have been precision tuned by the EAW loudspeaker engineering team, which has more than twenty-five years of speaker expertise. EAW is known for its loudspeaker systems that are designed for critical applications such as major concerts and NFL games.

While those loudspeakers are definitely on a whole different level compared to these speakers by Mackie, the fact that their team tested and tuned these speakers is a huge selling point for anyone who’s familiar with EAW and their accomplishments.

Did you know that tuning a crossover typically involves dozens of important tuning options that most manufacturers tend to overlook? It’s also about balancing the design of the speakers themselves in order to achieve the best results and sound quality.

The crossover in the C300z is a LICC design, also known as a low impedance compensated crossover, complete with an asymmetrical slow. With the crossover points and EQ precisely chosen so that the width of the beam patterns matches both drivers, these speakers offer a much more natural sound even when at a higher volume.


If you’ve ever been in a club and noticed that the music sounds much better when you’re standing right in front of the DJ booth as opposed to hanging out at the back of the club, this is often due to an inadequate setup and poor speaker quality.

The Mackie C300z come equipped with a multi-cell horn throat aperture that’s designed to prevent this problem. Basically, the speakers allow for more even and much wider dispersion of mid and high frequencies. This means that even people at the back of the club will enjoy high-quality sound.

Floor Monitor

You know you have a good floor monitor if it plays loudly and doesn’t generate feedback. Low-quality floor monitors tend to generate feedback right when it’s turned up to a useable level. This type of feedback is usually caused by dispersion and uneven frequency response.

Some frequencies will arrive at a mic at a higher volume than others. This type of spike is often what causes feedback when the monitor volume is cranked up. These speakers offer a spike-free, smooth response when the volume is turned up, even over a wide range of treble frequencies.

This allows the user to increase the volume without the fear of feedback.

Important Safety Features

You won’t find any crucial safety features in lower-priced speakers, which is why they usually don’t last very long, especially if you’re a full-time DJ who plays several times a week. But safety features can significantly extend the lifespan of your speakers.

The built-in limiter is an excellent safety feature to have, especially for the beginner. It works to protect the speakers from both clipping and distortion. Additionally, the bridged mode will allow the user to combine the channels for both of the speakers into a single channel when a subwoofer is used.

mackie C300z speakers


When you pay more, you’re not just paying for sound quality or top of the line internal components. The price will also reflect the quality of the materials used and just how durable the speaker enclosure is.

Most lower priced speakers will feature that classic box built, but low-frequency transducers that are installed in square boxes tend to create resonances that will reflect off the rear wall of the box, passing through the cone of the woofer out of phase.

This can really negatively impact sound. The speaker enclosure for the C300z offer a different design approach that can prevent this issue thanks to the asymmetrical design that does not have parallel surfaces and features a monocoque design that causes the high and mid frequency resonances to reflect at angles into damping materials, as opposed to interfering with the woofer.

Another reason the speaker’s enclosure really shines is in terms of durability.

Damaged equipment happens all too often, especially for the full-time DJ. It typically happens during transport. Which is why it’s so important that you choose speakers in your setup that are designed to last. The Mackie C300z are built tough and come complete with an impact resistant enclosure and built-in handles for easier transport.

Lightweight Design

The weight of your next set of DJ speakers may not seem like a big deal if you play at the same club night after night. But if you’re a mobile DJ and go from one gig to the next, then a pair of lightweight speakers that are durable and travel-friendly will be a must.

The C300z’s weighs in at just twenty pounds, which makes them perfect for travel. The built-in ergonomic handles also make the speakers easier to carry. Because they’re so light, you can easily take them with you, wherever you go, whether you store them in the trunk of your car or take them with you on a plane.

Sound Quality

Of course, aside from durability and weight, the sound quality is the most important feature to pay attention to. There’s really no point in adding more speakers to your setup if they can only provide a mediocre performance or they have a reputation for distortion. But that’s where these Mackie speakers really shine.

With a 12 inch LF transducer and 1.75 HF compression, this rig offer supreme sound quality. The manner in which the compression driver is mounted allows the speakers to produce a 90 degree by forty-five-degree dispersion.

Passive Speaker Advantages

As you know by now, these are passive speakers. This means that you will need to use the included cable to run each of the speakers to a PA system. But while many passive speakers can be difficult to set up, especially if you have no experience doing so, these speakers feature simple instructions that are easy to follow and pole mounting options that can make the setup process a breeze.

In general, powered PA speakers consist of amp components, transducers, protection circuitry, crossovers, and more. Unlike powered PA speakers, these don’t have a ton of components, such as heat sinks and fans to deal with. The simple design also cuts down on the weight of the C300z, which is what makes them highly portable.

Additionally, the lack of components also means a lower risk of running into performance issues or defective components, which is why these speakers typically have a longer lifespan compared to powered PA speakers. Fewer components also mean they require less maintenance.

Their low maintenance needs indicate that they tend to be a better option when it comes to on the fly installation. However, these speakers are not without their drawbacks.

mackie C300z front back


The Mackie C300z’s have a lot to offer the beginner or traveling DJ on a budget. They not only check all the boxes in terms of design, but their lower price makes it possible to instantly upgrade a DJ setup, without breaking the bank.

Buyers will love the great compression driver. But for many, what really stands out is the speaker’s excellent range. This setup provides perfect high and mid-range frequencies. The lightweight, highly portable design will make taking these speakers on the road a totally hassle-free experience.

If you’re a DJ who is looking for an affordable way to make a serious upgrade to your sound system for your gigs, then adding these portable speakers is definitely the way to go. Doing so will provide a wider dispersion range and improved clarity. The unique ergonomic, compact design of the set also makes setting up your gear a breeze.

The audio equipment market is already oversaturated with options for the best DJ speakers for beginners, which can make choosing the right set a real challenge. With this set by Mackie, you can count on excellent sound quality, a solid design that will extend the life of your speakers, and stellar performance that will instantly improve the quality of your set.

Pros & Cons


  • Ergonomic handles
  • Impact resistant enclosure
  • Great value for the price
  • Lightweight design


  • The Price

Related Questions

Will These Speakers Work with My DJ Controller?

This can depend on the brand and model of the DJ controller in question. For the most part, these speakers will work the best with Mackie brand controllers and mixers. However, they can work well with other brands.

If you’re not certain whether or not the C300z are compatible with your current DJ setup, contact the Mackie customer support team to inquire if these speakers will be compatible with your gear.

I Need Powerful Speakers for an Outdoor Event, Will The C300z’s Work?

If you’re playing a larger venue, I recommend the Yamaha DXR8 Powered Speaker Cabinet. While these speakers can work for a large venue, many DJs have reported that they tend to perform the best indoors, in medium-sized venues.

Of course, how you place the speakers and the type of space you have to work with will also affect sound quality, in addition to the type of music you play in your sets.

Final Thoughts On The Mackie C300z 12

Product Rating Updated November, 2021: (5/5)

Mackie C300Z DJ PA SpeakersThe Mackie C300z speaker set is perfect for the DJ who is serious about making their performance the best it can be, regardless of venue size. These speakers provide excellent range and that’s perfect for medium or large crowds.

If you’re looking for speakers that can be used as a small full-range PA system and are pole-mounted, then all you need to do is add some subs and you’ll have the perfect DJ setup that will land you gig after gig. I gave the C300z a rating of five out of five stars.

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