DJ Headphones for Small Heads: Finding the Perfect Fit

DJ Headphones for Small Heads: Finding the Perfect Fit

DJ headphones for small heads can be hard to come by, with so many models catering mainly to average and slightly larger head sizes. In most cases, finding the right pair of headphones that offer the best fit will be a matter of doing your research and finding a pair that’s highly adjustable.

Most DJ headphones for small heads will feature an adjustable headphone band that features plenty of padding designed to promote longer use and a snug fit. But the headphones should also be comfortable to wear and should grip the head gently, without applying too much pressure.

Often, headphones that are designed for the average wearer tend to slip on the head or apply too much pressure in order to grip the head and prevent slipping. The best headphones for small heads should feature just the right amount of padding to promote longer use while allowing you to mix and lay down tracks without constantly having to readjust them.

As you can see, finding the perfect pair of headphones can take plenty of research and may even involve trying on several pairs before you find the right ones.

However, if you read headphone reviews and know what to look for, such as a highly adjustable headband and the right amount of padding, then you should have no problem finding a pair that will allow you to comfortably mix tracks and create a killer set.

Pioneer’s Pro DJ Black HDJX5K
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Highly Adjustable DJ Headphones

The Pioneer HDJ-X5-K headphones (on Amazon) are popular for more reasons than just the fact that they’re versatile and offer top of the line sound quality. In fact, they also have a reputation for being very adjustable, which is exactly what you need if you have a smaller than average-sized head and you’re tired of constantly having to readjust your headphones in order to prevent them from slipping off when you’re in the middle of mixing tracks.

Whether you’re mixing a set on the fly or you’re at home and creating a set, you need headphones that will remain in place in order to prevent distracting you from the work at hand. The average sized DJ headphones are usually pretty heavy and many feature a bulky design that can cause the headphones to constantly slip for smaller users.

The Right Fit

The Right Fit

When you’re working on a new set, you’ll be monitoring the cued track in your headphones while listening to the song that’s currently playing. During this time, you must pay attention to both tracks in order to match the beat and tempo and bring in the second track at the right time in order to avoid a clash. In order to do this, you must swivel one of the earcups away from the ear.

Some models of DJ headphones will have swiveling earcups that will allow you to wear the headband correctly and only wear one earcup in place in order to clearly hear both tracks.

Specifically designed headphones for small heads should be more adjustable than the average DJ headphones in order to prevent the headband from slipping back on the head when one of the earcups is in a swiveled back position.

A Durable Design

DJ headphones are often subjected to a lot of wear and tear considering they’re constantly being stuffed into your DJ bag and twisted around during use. So, not only do the headphones you buy need to be highly adjustable, they must be durable as well.

Considering you’ll be wearing the headphones for several hours at a time each night, they must also be comfortable to wear. Most models will come with an adjustable headband, and while it may seem obvious, headphones that don’t fit correctly will not sound the way they’re supposed to and will not allow you to hear a track clearly.

The earcups must fit correctly over each ear as opposed to riding on them, which can be very uncomfortable after an hour or more of use.

The headphone’s driver diameter can measure in at thirty-five millimeters up to fifty-three millimeters. Most adjustable models of headphones will have a foldable design that allows you to collapse them into a small package which makes them easier to store and can also save them from damage during transport.

My Recommendation for the Best Adjustable Headphones for Small Heads

Pioneer’s Pro DJ Black HDJX5K

Pioneer HDJ-X5-K headphones (on Amazon) are not only durable and comfortable, they offer high quality, crystal clear sound that will allow you to closely monitor your set and beat match with the best of them.

These headphones are top quality all the way, which is why it’s a surprise that they’re offered at such an affordable price. But how do these headphones really perform when they’re put to the test?

Let’s find out.

Inside the package, the headphones come with a ½ millimeter coiled cable, complete with a three and a half millimeter connector. It also comes with a three and a half to six-millimeter adapter and a carrying pouch, which can provide protection against dings and scratches when transported.

Headband Design

In terms of design, the headband is made out of a thick plastic with extenders that have been reinforced with a thick strip of metal. The headband’s design feels durable, yet incredibly light. On the underside of the headband is a thick synthetic leather cushion.

The amount of flex in the headband is about average and what you would expect in a pair of top of the line DJing headphones.

The two best features that made these headphones stand out to me is the headband’s design, which hugs the head snuggly, without causing any discomfort or too much pressure, which is what many lower priced DJing headphones are known for.

The fit of the headband is very secure, so it’s perfect for adults with smaller than average head sizes. Next, the yolks which hold the headphone’s earcups are very durable, complete with the classic fastening style that Pioneer is known for. So, I felt that the design itself earned very high points.


the earcups

The earcups are circular but aren’t too bulky. Just like the headband, the earcups are made out of a thick plastic, but feel high-end and have a nice heft to them that tells me they’re durable. They can also freely swivel on the yolks.

The earpads are circular, just like the earcups, and are made out of a firm foam that’s comfortable, however, I would prefer more cushioning than what these headphones have to offer.

The included curly, detachable cable is pretty short. On each side of the curly portion of the cable, you’ll find lengths of straight cable. This allows the cable to be easily manipulated, without feeling overbearing.

Sound Quality

In terms of sound quality, the low frequencies are best described as punchy and thick. When you listen to EDM, pop, and hip hop, you’ll notice they sound rich and full, thanks to the boost at forty HZ.

This type of low-frequency energy tends to bleed into the low mids because of the boost at one hundred HZ and two hundred HZ.  Because of this, rock, folk, jazz, and classical music will start to sound somewhat cloudy in this area.

At times, this type of cloudiness and the low-frequency energy is more pleasurable because it adds plenty of vigor to upbeat tracks. However, for songs with stripped down arrangements and ballads, it doesn’t work so well, sound-quality-wise.

The mid frequencies, in contrast to the low frequencies, are somewhat hollow. There are some frequency cuts right around four hundred HZ, then again between one and a half HZ. This can cause midrange acoustic instruments to sound dull.

The high-mid frequencies are accented at five and a half kHz, which allows vocals to sit forward. This is great for pop music and hip hop because the vocals tend to feel separate from the rest of the midrange.

For the most part, you’ll notice that the high frequencies are much less accented than expected. This may be due to the loudness of the big low end. Yet, this high-end response is welcome in a pair of high-quality DJing headphones in this price range.

While the high have a cut around eleven kHz, and a boost at nine kHz, they still manage to maintain vocal detail and breath. The headphones have a nice high-frequency extension despite these lower frequency levels. This means that they’re able to carry air as long as it’s enhanced in the recording or mix.

The Total Package

The Total Package

A solid pair of headphones, they tend to perform the best with EDM, pop, and hip hop, however, they can also be fun to use for other genres if you’re into bass-heavy sounds.

They can feel a bit uncomfortable, but the highly adjustable headband makes them suitable for users with a smaller head size, as the headband closely hugs the head without applying too much pressure or causing any type of discomfort. However, because of the minimal padding, they may not be the best option for long duration listening for some users.

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Final Words On The Pioneer Pro DJ HDJ-X5-K Headphones

Pioneer’s Pro DJ Black HDJX5K

DJ headphones for small heads should be comfortable, durable, flexible, and highly adjustable. Not all headphones will offer the perfect fit, and most will not offer the type of adjustability that you’ll need in order to keep the headphones in the right position, one that will allow you to clearly hear your tracks without any sound leakage.

Fortunately, there are headphones out there designed for small heads that do offer this type of adjustability, such as the Pioneer headphones I’ve discussed here. In the future, make sure you read DJ headphone reviews, learn more about their reputation for adjustability, and find a pair that has a reputation for offering a more comfortable fit, especially if you’re working a full-time gig.

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