DJ Headphones for Small Heads

DJ Headphones for Small Heads: Finding the Perfect Fit

DJ headphones for small heads can be hard to come by, with so many models catering mainly to average and slightly larger head sizes. In most cases, finding the right pair of headphones that offer the best fit will be a matter of doing your research and finding a pair that’s highly adjustable. DJ headphones for small heads will feature […]

How To Record Vocals At Home

How To Record Vocals At Home – All You Need To Know

Vocals are an essential part of any recording process and are always the core of a DJ track. You can remix them any way you want or edit your beats in a different way but at the end of the day what the singer recorded is going to stay there and the quality of the said recording can’t be changed […]

How To DJ With A Laptop

How To DJ With A Laptop – A Beginner Friendly Guide

If you want to become a professional DJ there sure will be a lot of tasks in front of you but the simplest and easiest way to just start tackling it all is to get a laptop, download a software and start DJing! Learning how to DJ with just a laptop isn’t going to be easy as most of the […]