OneOdio Pro 10 Studio Headphones Review

The OneOdio Pro 10 headphones give plenty of high-spec features for a bargain-basement price. The bass is accurate, and the detail in the low-mid range is mind-blowing for a set of headphones in the lower price bracket. Headphones matter, and the right headphones for the job vary by individual. I […]


Best Studio Headphones – The Ultimate 2020 Guide

Studio headphones are an essential piece of kit in any DJs arsenal. They need to deliver accurate sound to your ears so you can create insane beats and mixes. For me, headphones are like sneakers, I’m excited to get a new pair, but I want them to live up to […]

DJ Headphones for Small Heads

DJ Headphones for Small Heads: Finding the Perfect Fit

DJ headphones for small heads can be hard to come by, with so many models catering mainly to average and slightly larger head sizes. In most cases, finding the right pair of headphones that offer the best fit will be a matter of doing your research and finding a pair […]

Sony MDR-V700DJ Review

Sony MDR-V700DJ Review

What Sony has to offer is always interesting due to countless reasons that we will take a deeper look into in a moment. The MDR series of headphones has won the hearts of most audiophiles out there and rightfully so. They are well-made, sound just perfect, and are priced appropriately […]

Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80 Ohm Studio Headphone Review

Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro Review

Beyerdynamic has rarely released a mediocre product and the DT770 Pro is no exception to that rule. These are one of the most well-built headphones meant to be used by professional DJs and home-studio enthusiasts. Their closed-back construction can often be misleading since it provides a spacious, open, and dynamic […]

Audio Technica ATH-M50x Review

Let’s take a look at the very well-known ATH-M50X by music giant Audio Technica. The M50X is the headphone pair to unite everything. It can serve as the perfect mobile companion due to its compactness and mobile-friendly connectors or be the ultimate studio tool for novice musicians or home-studio enthusiasts. […]