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best dj controllers for beginners

The Best DJ Controllers for Beginners: Top Picks in 2020

DJ controllers have totally changed the nightclub scene for the better, offering sicker beats, richer sounds, and bass that’s loud and full. But how easy is it to use one of these devices? Many aspiring DJs just entering the scene often get confused just thinking about what the best DJ […]

The Best All in One DJ Controller with no Laptop

The Best All in One DJ Controller with No Laptop

Using a DJ controller without a laptop can give the DJ more freedom and flexibility when they’re playing a set on the fly, since they don’t have to worry about their laptop crashing, or lugging an extra piece of gear. Most controllers come equipped with a built-in audio interface, and […]

Numark mixtrack platinum DJ controller

Numark Mixtrack Platinum DJ Controller Review

The Mixtrack Platinum is one of the leading DJ controllers from Numark. It comes loaded with all of the same features that you’ll find on other popular models by this manufacturer, but it also includes a built-in soundcard and allows the user to directly connect to speakers, mics, headphones, and […]

Pioneer dj ddj-rzx 4-channel professional controller

Pioneer DJ DDJ-RZX – 4 channel Professional DJ Controller Review

The DDJ RZX DJ controller by Pioneer DJ is a 4 channel model that’s specifically designed to work with the latest Rekordbox DJ video pack, which allows you to mix videos using DJ software. This model is considered one of the most technologically advanced controllers on the market since it’s […]