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The Ultimate Guide To The Best DJ Headphones 2020

Building your own ultimate home studio can be a hard task without knowing all the little details about music creation and music editing. All you need to make things easier is a place from where to start. Getting the best DJ headphones is what we suggest to be your first “baby” step into the world of music. Not only will […]

DJ Headphones for Small Heads

DJ Headphones for Small Heads: Finding the Perfect Fit

DJ headphones for small heads can be hard to come by, with so many models catering mainly to average and slightly larger head sizes. In most cases, finding the right pair of headphones that offer the best fit will be a matter of doing your research and finding a pair that’s highly adjustable. DJ headphones for small heads will feature […]

Ultrasone Pro 550 S-Logic Review

Ultrasone Pro 750 Review

Every once in a while there comes a headphones model that literally changes the whole game. This year that is the Pro 750 by Ultrasone not because it is levels above its competition but because it is priced lower than most studio headphones and still beats them in most aspects. Ultrasone isn’t exactly as famous as some of the other […]

Sony MDR-V700DJ Review

Sony MDR-V700DJ Review

What Sony has to offer is always interesting due to countless reason that we will take a deeper look into in a moment. The MDR series of headphones has won the hearts of most audiophiles out there and rightfully so. They are well-made, sound just perfect, and are priced appropriately (even though slightly high by some people’s standards). Sure, the […]

Sennheiser HD 380 PRO Review

Sennheiser HD 380 PRO Review

Coming first at our list, the HD 380 Pro by Sennheiser is truly considered a classic pair of headphones but its age is beginning to show a bit. Still, the build and sound quality on this model are impeccable along with the overall longevity of the headphone. In fact, even before getting a brand new pair to test it out, […]