Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro Review

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro Review

Beyerdynamic has rarely released a mediocre product and the DT 770 Pro is no exception to that rule.

These are one of the most well-built headphones meant to be used by professional DJs and home-studio enthusiasts. Their closed-back construction can often be misleading since it provides a spacious, open, and dynamic feeling.

Another great aspect of these headphones is that they provide a level of comfort known only to the premium companies of the music world. Having the DT 770 Pro ensures that you will experience professionalism with few to no downsides at a reasonable price.

Before we dive deeper into the specific features that make this model stand out, make sure you check out our full buyer’s guide on this topic where you will find other models we included in our top 5 list along with tons of useful information.

BeyerDynamic DT770 PRO 80OhmIn a rush? Check them out now on Amazon! Product Rating (5/5)

Our Verdict: The Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro can be used for recording music or by the casual listener. They’re not designed for mobile music listening since the cable since the inline remote control unit is not removable.

But at home or in the studio these are the headphones you need and want. Their crystal clear clarity will allow you to catch every detail, yet they don’t have an overly bright sound. Their construction provides a comfortable, relaxed fit with no leakage

While the DT 770 Pro have a dated, bulky look to them, they’re actually very light, promoting longer use in the studio. We would definitely recommend these headphones for pro and recreational use. Check today’s price (on Amazon)

Read on to learn more about these versatile studio quality headphones by Beyerdynamic.

Product Overview And Features

Beyerdynamic is a German audio equipment company that produces headphones, microphones, and conference equipment. Their latest studio quality headphones, the DT 770 Pro are popular for all the right reasons.

Studio headphones are notoriously uncomfortable and have limited adjustability, causing them to constantly slide on and off the user’s head. Beyerdynamic offers a unit that is not only highly adjustable, but comfortable as well. When you’re in the studio, you want your focus solely on your music and the recording process, not on how uncomfortable your headphones feel.

Not only was the manufacturer able to produce headphones that are comfortable to wear for several hours in the studio, they’re also reasonably priced. If you can’t afford to drop hundreds of dollars on a new pair of top of the line studio headphones, the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro is the answer.

Just looking at the lower price, most musicians and sound engineers will immediately dismiss these headphones without a second thought. Often, the cliche “you get what you pay for” rings true, especially when it comes to audio equipment. But somehow the manufacturer has managed to change all of that.

Despite their lower price, these DT 770 Pro are able to easily compete with higher priced studio quality headphones.

Anyone that has spent any time in the studio knows that there are two important aspects of any pair of studio headphones – design, meaning the way the fit and their overall construction integrity and the way they sound. Let’s hit on each of these two aspects now:

The Design

The DT 770’s style may seem a little bulky and dated to some, however, in terms of comfort and adjustability, these scored better than average.

Even though the size is substantial, they sit quite comfortably on your head. The closed-back design is ideal for more detailed studio recording, tracking, and mastering. There is little to no sound leakage.

The cushioning of the earpads feels very premium and doesn’t show any signs of wear over long periods of time. The headband feels the same but is also removable and replaceable. 

The wide ear cups can fit basically any head type and have zero contact with your ears which alleviates them from those long recording sessions. 

They are fairly lightweight and do not tire you after long recording sessions. The construction is sturdy and can take a good fall or an accidental twist. Overall, we felt that this set offered better than average adjustability and well-padded earcups that offer the type of comfortable, relaxed fit that most headphones users are looking for.

While these are great in the studio, they aren’t ideal for mobile usage since the cable is far too long, lacks an inline remote control unit, and isn’t removable. That is a pity since it would’ve been the perfect pair for listening to music from your phone or tablet while being able to use it in the home studio as well. The cable ends with a 3.5mm jack, but there is a 0.25-inch adapter included in the box. 

Speaking of box, there is none, unlike some other models we reviewed. The only thing you get here is a nylon protective bag to carry them around. Still, the DT 770 aren’t ideal for traveling with since they aren’t exactly compact, unlike the Audio Technica ATH-M50x, for example.

One last thing we want to mention is that construction-wise, the DT 770 Pro isn’t any different from the “Pro” model, so this review is valid for both models, at least in terms of comfort and overall structure. 

So, all in all, build quality is on par with far more professional pairs while the price is kept low enough to feel adequate for most beginners. The materials don’t feel cheap and last long. Now, let’s move on to the other main aspect of this model – it’s sound quality: 

The Sound

Inside the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro Proyou will get a frequency response from 5 Hz all the way up to 35 kHz. That will be ensured and delivered by the dynamic 40mm drivers inside. There are two more models, apart from the Pro version which has 32 and 250 Ohms.

The 32 version is ideal for mobile usage (although it still has its aforementioned downsides) while the 250 Ohm one is perfect for studio mixing. We feel like the Pro version is the choice to make since it kind of covers all grounds while being far cheaper than the 250 Ohm version. Still, if your intent is solely mixing – go with the latter. 

The soundstage on the DT 770 Pro is literally insane. It is the widest we’ve heard in a closed-back headphone pair. It cannot compete shoulder to shoulder with some open-back professional sets but it gets weirdly close. Great sound width and depth. 

The 40mm drivers are fast and provide accurate tones all across its wide frequency range. In fact, the DT 770 is as fast as some far more expensive models. The fast attack, rendering of detail, and quick decay make it stand out from all the closed-back competition in this price point. 

This is particularly important since you will be able to weave out tiny details from recorded string instruments or detailed dynamic vocals. It even allows you to easily detect distortion in a recording. 

The lows have a nice punch to them but are way softer than most people would like. Even though Beyerdynamic advertises these as bass-heavy, we felt like the lacked in that department, especially for a sealed-back construction. 

The mids sound natural and have a neutral feeling to them, which widens the target audience for the model, despite the odd bass. Still, they have a significant dip compared to the lows and highs, making them sound almost like a V-shaped headphone pair. 

Treble is fine, literally – just that. It has no grain to it but there are some peaks that make it sound a little chaotic. It is decently detailed for an entry-level headphone pair and is a bit more forward than the mids in the overall mix.

All these characteristics create a nice and soft studio sound which is good enough to satisfy the needs of most people. 

Now, let’s see which are the pros and cons that define this model as one of the best in the world right now:

Pros & Cons


  • Great price
  • Good and sturdy construction
  • They don’t tire you even after longer listening sessions
  • Cushioning feels premium
  • Rich bass
  • Not overly bright
  • Adjustable
  • The sound is amazing for this price-range all across the frequency range


  • Aren’t the best looking
  • Aren’t ideal for mobile usage
  • Cable is mono and isn’t detachable
Final Words On The Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro Product Rating Updated November, 2021: (5/5)

BeyerDynamic DT770 PRO 80Ohm

The Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro have plenty to offer musicians, audio engineers, and music producers on a budget. They’re also a great choice for home recording studios or for the casual music listener.

Truly, the few downsides of the DT 770 Pro are associated with its design and its usability and portability. Other than that it is priced in one of the most ideal price ranges for beginner musicians or home-studio enthusiasts and passes all other tests with flying colors.

If you are sure you want to go for a closed-back headphone pair, this is the way to go but don’t expect it to rival some of the more rich-sounding open-back models.

We gave the Beyerdynamic DT 770 a solid five out of five star rating.  

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