Author: Blake Gibbs

best dj controllers for beginners

The Best DJ Controllers for Beginners: Top Picks in 2020

DJ controllers have totally changed the nightclub scene for the better, offering sicker beats, richer sounds, and bass that’s loud and full. But how easy is it to use one of these devices? Many aspiring DJs just entering the scene wonder what the best DJ controllers are for beginners. And while it’s true that many of the leading controllers on […]

DJ Mixing for Beginners

DJ Mixing for Beginners: How to Operate a DJ Mixer

When you purchase your first DJ mixer, learning how to use it can seem pretty complicated. Even basic models will have multiple functions and controls that you’ll need to understand in order to learn how to get the most out of your mixer. But if you become familiar with your mixer, how it works, and how to correctly use it, […]