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The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Professional DJ

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a DJ   

If you love the music and club scene, are passionate about music, and you’re looking for a new career, then becoming a DJ can seem like a perfect fit, but before you start buying gear, you first need to figure out what you need for a DJ setup and becoming a DJ where to start. I’ll go over the basic […]

How to DJ at a Club

How to DJ at a Club: Beginner Mistakes to Avoid at all Costs

If you’re new to the DJ scene and want to make a good first impression, then my guide on how to DJ in a club will be invaluable. If you’ve never played in a club before, then your first gig can be a complex, challenging experience. Unfortunately, there are several common mistakes that beginners tend to make that can prevent […]

Why Do DJs Use Headphones

Why Do DJs Use Headphones: DJing in the Digital Age

When you DJ at a club or a large major event, aside from knowledge and experience, the type of gear you use will have a major impact on your set, which is why it’s important that you bring all the tools you need for a solid performance. But these days, headphones aren’t as commonly used as they were in the […]

How to Use a DJ Mixing Key Chart

How to Use a DJ Mixing Key Chart

How to use a DJ mixing key chart involves learning how to use harmonic mixing, a technique that incorporates two tracks in a related or same key. This techniques often results in longer mash-ups or blends. The whole purpose of using a mixing key chart is to eliminate mixing two tracks with clashing keys. How to use a DJ mixing […]

Are DJ Controllers Good for Beginners

Are DJ Controllers Good for Beginners: Going Digital

As a new DJ you’ll have plenty of options in terms of the style of DJing you want to use and the type of DJ you want to be. Modern DJing equipment can help you realize your goals much faster, since they offer more intuitive controls that are said to be very beginner-friendly. But in terms of the type of […]

What is a DJ Controller Vs. A Mixer

What is a DJ Controller Vs. A Mixer?

Many beginners in the DJ scene tend to easily confuse the DJ controller with the mixer, or simply don’t know what are DJ controllers and how they can really help to pull a track together or allow the DJ to put together a killer set. So, what is the difference between a mixer and a controller, and which one is […]