How To Come Up With A DJ Name?

How To Come Up With A DJ Name?

So, you’ve mastered the decks and have a set of mixed tracks ready to show to an audience. But the work is not over yet. Before you stand under the spotlight and play your music to future fans, you need to think about a stage name. 

Many DJs don’t think about their stage name until just before their first show. They don’t think it’s very important. However, this name will stick with you longer than anything. This can include fans and your DJ equipment.

Therefore, you should carefully consider what your DJ name is before you start gigging. Luckily, there are many ways you can go about choosing your DJ/stage name.

So, instead of picking your DJ name out of thin air, and ending up being known as “DJ Hasn’t Got a Name”, I am going to help you come up with a cool alias.

Using little tips and tricks that I have found over the years, you and I are going to find out the best methods of finding your professional DJ name once and for all.

While I can’t promise you will find your final stage name today, I hope it will send you in the direction of a world-famous name that I will see on billboards in the future! 

How to come up with a DJ name

If you’re looking for the easiest way to find your DJ name, here it is. You can simply add “DJ” in front of your own name. This can work with any name but can be even more effective if you have an unusual or exotic name. 

You can also shuffle the letters of your name around into something that may not even be a real word. If you have a middle name, consider using that or your family name. 

Other simple options include crafting a name out of your childhood heroes or use a street name or a location that you admire. “DJ Boulevard” or “DJ Wall Street.” Anything can work!

Let’s focus on using your actual name as a DJ stage name first.

Using your own name

Although easy and quick, this isn’t the route I would advise going down. Firstly, hundreds, if not thousands, of aspiring DJs tend to use this method when choosing their stage name. Therefore, many names become very common such as DJ David or DJ Thomas.

Using your name can also take away the mystery of who you are and it’s a missed branding opportunity for your career.

Audiences and listeners tend to be more intrigued by something or someone they don’t fully understand. One example is Deadmau5. This is a fake name used by Joel Thomas Zimmerman, a DJ from Canada.

This disguise got people’s attention and when you compare Deadmau5 to DJ Joel Zimmerman, there’s only one winner. 

But don’t let this put you off using your own name. Many DJs still use their own name and it can work so if you want to go down this route, go ahead.

Since there is less chance of any legal issues with common names, you are less likely to come across any possible restrictions when using your stage name.

Also, you may find it easier at the beginning of your career to go by your own name instead of using something such as DJ S!nn3r. At least people will know how to pronounce your name when telling friends about your wicked set!

It’s a matter of personal preference. In the initial stages of your career, you can try different names and see which one suits you best. You may accidentally come across something that just sticks one day.

Making up names

Most DJs end up with made-up or fake names. And the majority of these names have no link to the DJ’s appearance, personality, musical preferences, or anything to do with them at all.

This is why so many DJs and artists use made-up names. The possibilities are endless and it’s your choice with what you go with in the end. 

One simple approach is to add the name of something that is seen or experienced every day. For instance, you could use DJ Sky or DJ Street. While these are probably already the names of DJs, they already have more mystique than a common name.

At least it’s hard for someone to claim any legal right of your name when you’ve just used something that is present in everyday life and part of the environment. 

Changing existing names

You can modify existing names or words to create something unique. Examples of this are changing Zed to EDZ or Knox to XKON. As we said, you can play around forever! It doesn’t matter if they don’t make sense. That’s the beauty of DJ names!

Name generator

If you’re struggling for names, consider using free online DJ name generators. However, the majority of these tend to be quite poor. But, it can be fun to see what these sites come up with. Try the following:

Use different languages

Other languages can be your savior when finding a new DJ name. Languages such as Nordic, Latin, and even old languages that have died out can reveal some interesting names.

However, these can usually be hard to pronounce but if you already know some languages that are not as widespread as English, you could find some very cool words and adapt them to your DJ stage name.

You can consider what type of music you generally play. If you play upbeat, beach-type music, you could go with something bright such as DJ Sunrise.

But if you tend to play darker or more aggressive playlists, names such as The Militant or DJ Hawk may suit you better. Even if you find a word in English, translate it to another language and it may sound even better. 

In Summary

When choosing a DJ name, try and pick one that is catchy and easy to pronounce, fits your personality and music style, and applies to your audience. Wedding DJs will have different types of names to techno DJs. 

Whatever you come up with, at least it’s a great opportunity to be creative!

Blake Gibbs

I have been a professional DJ for almost 10 years. In that time I've played a lot of gigs and gone through a whole bunch of equipment. My new goal is to spread my knowledge of DJ products with the world through this website!